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MGL Posters .. :D










Meet GNU Linux - Glugt 2007

Hello people !!! Please use this wiki to help create booklet for MGL ‘07- Meet Gnu Linux classes .

A big sorry for changing the place of this doku wiki. but the freeshell site was down often hindering our purpose, so this new place. all the work has bee copied from that place


Things to do(not in order of preference)

---- most of things are here so that we(I) dont forget them but please do add if u find something else

1. Get the bookelt done.

2. Get the distro Done.

3. Get review from outside people.

4. make a site for registration plus glugt in general

5. forward mails to some juniors whom we all know - spread the word :)

6. Get the certificate design done

7. Inform Mr.Ramkalyan of proceedings and meet him once before the classes

8. try arranging for linux systems instead of VNC's - like ask for dual boot on comps in at least one half of annex lab

9. create posters / teasers / notices to be put up in places

10. at least put a word in near by colleges

11. order for notepad/pen and other essential items to be given - these to be given first day itself.

12. arrange for meetings, online chat discussions about the classes and related discussions (going on )

13. send frequent mails to organisers update them

14. inform seniors once in a while.more to be added slowly

15.get the installation screen shots from vmware






  • Get The Main links within the wiki and the Recent activities and visitor statuses by clicking appropriate links shown at the right most div here -->
  • Please dont add your name directly in the contents of the wiki, instead add as comments
  • Lot of activity is going on the wiki. So if there arises a clash in editing the page, the second user who tries to edit the page, please wait until the first user edits page
  • Please do add any material you feel will be nice for the book and just think once before you put the text that its written for a very beginner and not some one who already knows Linux. If not try to put your text in a way it will reach the first years.
  • Please try to make your presentations and the material for the classes as simple as possible.. WE are going to show them LINUX usage is as simple as anything else they do and probably add that, with little more knowledge they can do a lot of wonderful stuff.
  • A seperate page for Other Faculty members / seniors /our yearmates suggestions/view points has been put up in this suggestions page.. please add urs if u have any



  • The final schedule and details about the MGl classes can be got frommgl-details. A lot of effort has been put in to cover everyone with the topics they are very much interested.If anyone is left out please forgive for it was not purposeful.
  • Who is taking what is open to discussion until 10th of june.
  • Check here for Planners and other Details
  • You can get the RSS FEED also for this wiki from the bottom of this page and add it to your favourite feed reader to keep you informed of the changes taking place in this wiki.
  • The details/updates about the New unnamed Distro we are trying to spin for the Mgl can be got here... Glugt-distro






Edit the glugt-booklet here. :-) : thanks for MSK and VINOD for this wonderful idea in a informal brainstorming session we had !!! )

This Pb wiki can be directly converted to pdf documents. So please dont add your name directly here. Instead add it as a comment to that page.

And if you have worked on a page just click the comments tab above and add what you have edited and if possible from which source. I have added a comment for this page fo a sample.




(contact me at suren.silverprince@gmail.com for any doubt whatsoever)


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